Video: Golden jellies, Radiohead and gardens of algae

Video: Radiohead meets jellies in this great video by Sarosh Jacob.

Golden jellies (Mastigias sp.) tend to their gardens of algae in a quiet Palau lake. Their alga gardens are within their bodies and make food for the jellies. In turn the algae receive a home and a caring gardner host.  These jellies migrate across the lake during the day, following the brightest sun and keeping their algae out of morning and evening shadows [1].  When the sun is covered by clouds, the jellies swim to the surface to collect rare rays of light.  In rough water they dive deep, protecting their fragile bodies and algae gardens from damage.  Though golden jellies may seem simple at first, their gentle gardening behavior is cause for wonder.

[1]     Geographic variation and behavioral evolution in marine plankton: the case of Mastigias (Scyphozoa, Rhizostomeae)


5 comments on “Video: Golden jellies, Radiohead and gardens of algae

  1. Which Radiohead song is this do you know?

  2. softball 28

    How are jelly fish born?

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