Jellypocalyps: Interview with Fox News

Yay! My writings on the jelly shredders were picked up, and I got a call from Fox asking for an interview. Did you know that any time you see a split screen on the news, with two people talking to each other, they can’t see one another?! I was surrounded by LED light boards, in a small room with a camera man. I could hear the news cast through an earpiece. Before we went live, a producer talked to me through the earpiece, letting me know my time was coming up. Then the newscast ran and I could hear the newscaster’s questions. I didn’t even realize they made an animation until later!

I would also like to follow up on the jelly shredders: I don’t want to bomb or halt this research. These engineers put real, valuable effort into this invention. There is some really exciting software and hardware in these robots. I hope, if the inventors come across this, they see my concerns as a challenge: if you’d like to scale up swarms of jelly shredding robots, the burden of proof is on you now. You need to be able to show convincingly that these robots will help the jelly situation, and not make it worse. Right now, I’m definitely concerned.

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