Thank you for 1 year!

Today jellybiologist.com turns one year old! I want to take this oppertunity to thank you for visiting my wee corner of the web and seeing it through its first year of life.  I started this blog because my lab bench was feel particularly isolated; I was getting caught up in little problems and losing sight of why I do what I do. When people visit this site, ask questions and share interesting information, I get inspired beyond words. I remember without question why I’m here (even when I get stung and sunburned and my experiments don’t work). I’m reminded that it’s not just me: I’m part of a huge network of people who are interested and passionate about marine life.  I’ve learned so much from you, and your time spent here has been the most wonderful gift I could ever ask for.  Thank you 🙂

The most amazing jelly cake ever. Source.

6 comments on “Thank you for 1 year!

  1. can I have the recipe please? it looks beautiful.

  2. Pretty. And technically edible, though I refuse to ingest that much royal icing. I can totally make you a more scrumptious jellyfish cake, which will be better than the time I tried to make a jellyfish-themed pie…

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  4. Pingback: » JellyBiologist Turns One! The Very Spring and Root

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