Video: Mauve stinger jelly off the California coast

This lovely and well researched video shows footage of the elusive mauve stinger jelly, which is rarely seen off the California coast. I was particularly excited to see this video because my PhD is on this jelly, and I am always looking for new places around the world to collect.   Thanks to YouTube user Clint Reynolds for posting this great vid!

2 thoughts on “Video: Mauve stinger jelly off the California coast

  1. It’s a species from Baja waters, Chad collected some down there years ago, thinks it could be a Chrysaora, but I’m leaning towards Pelagia sp. MBARI prob has samples, wouldn’t hold your breath for seeing them anywhere off California any time soon 🙂

  2. Some really nice footage, especially with the tentacles out. Looks like Pelagia to me, and in reasonable condition bar the single trapped bubble in the first jelly filmed. Quite small (c5-7cm diameter) mature individuals, I would guess both males…

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