Video: Why do Jellies Swim?

Jellies are considered “drifters”– they travel where the currents take them, whether it be to a tasty feeding spot, or a dry sandy beach. So why, then, do jellies move at all? In this video Jack Costello reveals the truly sinister secret of these seemingly ineffective swimmers:

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  1. Very interesting and very sensible. I always figured the belling behavior was part of feeding. It is good to see that is exactly what it is. Thank you for answering another question and of course this creates more thought.

    • I agree– this simple answer has created so many more questions! Different jelly shapes, it turns out, play a large role in what they’re eating. Before I started learning more about this research, it never occurred to me that the way a jelly looked and what it ate could be so closely connected. Love it!

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