Live jelly cam

There’s nothing quite like sitting in from of a tank full of jellies, watching their peaceful rhythmic movements as the time slips quietly by. For most of us, such encounters are few and far between, but thanks to, it’s now possible… Read More ›

A real life jelly romance

Most jellies release eggs and sperm into the water as they swim, which means males and females never have a chance to meet.  But one box jelly species,  Carybdea sivickisi, had evolved a more intimate attraction.  The males literally catch and… Read More ›

Where do jellyfish come from?

In some ways, jellies are a lot like people– they grow from fragile embryos to mature adults, and most species require a male and female to reproduce– but in other ways, jellies are very very different.  Jellies live complicated lives…. Read More ›

First post!

I hope that this blog will serve as a resource for all those interested in biology and jellies (with occasional bits of other fun stuff thrown in).  I’ll be working over the next few days to build this little blog. In the… Read More ›