Month: June 2013

Using jellyfish to grow rice

I get email alerts whenever anyone mentions jellyfish in a research article, and most of the time these alerts do not result in days of emotional confusion. But for almost two weeks I’ve been tiptoeing around this paper. Reading parts, feeling both angry and… Read More ›

Beautiful embryo photos

There are some gorgeous embryos out there. As an evolutionary developmental biologist I can’t help but take a little detour from jellies to post some of these stunning works. Images and subtext are from The Center for Cell Dynamics website (except those things… Read More ›

The unblinking box jelly eye

In 2001: A Space Odyssey, HAL keeps a watchful eye on his human cargo, while also navigating through space towards a mysterious destination. A single asteroid bump and the mission would be ruined, but HAL could watch the space around him,… Read More ›

Art as jellies

Last week I did a post on jellies as living art. Now it’s time to celebrate the ways jellies have influenced art. This series, painted on trash bags, by Kara Daving is fantastic. What a great way to transform something ugly… Read More ›