Month: May 2013

Jellies as Living Art

Full confession: I study jellies because they are beautiful. They are also unbearably fascinating, but what first attracted me to jellies was their incredible grace and elegance. To celebrate their beauty, here are some pictures that could just as easily… Read More ›

Sanderia: the creepy, cloning jelly

They may look sweet and innocent, but these jellies have a terrifying secret: Unlike humans, which are just now mastering the art of cloning, Sanderia have been quietly cloning themselves for  millions of years, right under our noses [1].  Human cloning unitizes a… Read More ›

Video: Why do Jellies Swim?

Jellies are considered “drifters”– they travel where the currents take them, whether it be to a tasty feeding spot, or a dry sandy beach. So why, then, do jellies move at all? In this video Jack Costello reveals the truly… Read More ›